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The prime days of the business casual dress code are behind us. 

The modern work environment has become more casual and less formal, leaving less room for the guy who wears slacks, brogues, and a button-down shirt everyday. 

Business casual no longer stands out in the crowd. If you’re wearing it, you probably blend in with the masses and the majority of people who don’t know how to dress to impress. This loss of formality in the workplace has given rise to a new dress code: smart casual. 

Smart casual is all about looking your best—not because you have the most expensive clothing, but because you have the most intentional and well-constructed outfits.

This dress code blurs the lines between traditional formalities: sometimes it’s casual, sometimes it’s business casual, and sometimes it’s formal, but it’s never just one. 

This blend of formalities makes it versatile enough to stand out from the crowd with confidence and comfort.


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